Come on a journey through Peru’s tropical peatlands…

From this August (2021), explore Peru’s steaming swamps through this virtual gallery, or in person in the beautiful surroundings of the St Andrews Botanic Gardens.

The physical exhibition of photographs will run from 14th August until 31st October, 2021, at the St Andrews Botanic Gardens, in Fife, Scotland, and available to view online throughout and beyond.

The exhibition explores three key themes:

Highlighting the “ecosystem engineers” responsible for storing carbon below the ground, and other resident plants and animals.

Describing experiences of data collection in and around the swamps.

Displaying ways people interact with these ecosystems.


All of the images highlight different components of the research being carried out by a team at the University of St Andrews. To find out more about their research, explore the Research tab.

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The creators of the exhibition, Lydia Cole, Katy Roucoux and Althea Davies, would like to thank all of those who have contributed photographs to the exhibition, and especially to Nina Laurie, Euridice Honorio, Ian Lawson, Esther Rutter and María José Sánchez Lluelma for their invaluable advice on the exhibition text and assistance with translation into Spanish.