From steaming swamp to blanket bog: peatlands in action

Through a series of 32 photographs, taken during fieldwork in 2019, we will take you on a journey through Peru’s tropical peatlands.
The exhibition will explore three key themes:

  • Ecosystems – highlighting the “ecosystem engineers” responsible for carbon accumulation, and other resident plants and animals.
  • Fieldwork – describing experiences of data collection.
  • People and peatlands – displaying ways people interact with these ecosystems.

Here are three photos from the exhibition to whet your appetite!

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Interviewing community members

All the images will highlight different components of the research being carried out by a team at the University of St Andrews. To find out more about their research, explore the “Peatlands research” tab.

The photography exhibition will run from 1st August until 31st October in the St Andrews Botanic Gardens.